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Message from Bobby~COVID-19

A Special Message from Bobby Hart: Greetings and love to you all, Well, everything’s different now! And for better or worse, this will be a defining moment for our world. As we negotiate this rocky journey, it’s important for each of us to never underestimate how much just one person like ourselves can influence the outcome. Our thoughts, our actions, our prayers or our fears will all have lasting impacts that will be much stronger than you might imagine. Each one of us can resolve to be much-needed sources of light—watching to keep our thoughts positive, and never succumbing to fear. I’ve found this helpful: Continually, mentally surround yourself with shields of light and protection. Then, visualize the best outcome for all your brothers and sisters around the world. If you are cooperating with the government’s “stay home and stay safe” recommendations like we are, you may be tempted to stay glued to that never-ending “news” coverage. Although it’s always a good idea to stay up on what we need to know, a media overdose can lead some of us into blind alleys of fear and even depression. This age-old story from India isn’t very inspiring, but I like the moral at the end: As the angel of death approached a small village, the local holy man stopped him short. “I know how you have treated the other near-by villages and taken many innocent souls with your plague”, he said. “Please promise that you will take the life of no more than one member of our little village family.” The angel was shocked, but he finally agreed. However, the next morning, the holy man awoke to the news that during the night, five villagers had succumbed to the plague. He immediately summoned the angel and asked why he had not kept his promise. The angel replied, “I have kept my promise. I took only one. The others all died of fear. I know it’s hard to even begin to think that there could be a bright side to this pandemic that has ravaged our world. But, I see example after example of accelerated caring and kindness as so many all over the planet reach out to help one another. It’s not only our heroic first responders and our selfless medical professionals. It’s neighbors calling to check on each other. It’s strangers looking after someone who happens to cross their paths or sacrificing what they have, to share with others. It’s true that extraordinary challenges bring extraordinary opportunities. Unified with like-minded souls around the world, our prayers and positive thoughts will create a strong vibration of love, goodwill and harmony that will encircle the globe. During these times of uncertainty and separation, there’s one thing that is certain: We are never separated from our Higher Selves. I see constant proof that a crisis like this can bring out the innate longing of our souls to turn our thoughts to the loving Presence within. On line group meditations, prayer groups and religious services of all faiths have sprung up quickly and are attracting many who just weeks ago, saw themselves as self-sufficient. Our prayers are with each one of you. Do everything you can to stay safe. And we will come through this, undefeated and stronger on the other side. United to you all by the love and blessings of the Divine,

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